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Guitar booster



My friend ask me for creating of printed circuit board for a guitar booster. It is not my construction but circuit is from some old journal Amaterske radio. Unfortunately I didn't know author of this construction. Original circuit use germanium and silicon transistors from TESLA production. Circuit is designed for built-in to the guitar.

Schematics diagram

Schematics diagram Booster schematics in Eagle 7 format

Booster component view

Component view

Printed circuit board

Printed circuit board is single-sided without any wire-wrap. It can be created in amateur condition, but if is not used solder-mask, that soldering of wires is a little complicated around ground planes.

Printed circuit board


Transistors KC507 can be replaced with BC546. With a replacement of germanium transistor OC or GC I am not sure if will be satisfying silicon transistor BC556. Other components are commonly available.

Part list
name value and type quantity
P1 50k/N linear potentiometer 1x
P2 50k/G logarithmic potentiometer 1x
P3 1M trimmer type 64Y 1x
R1 22k 1x
R2 2k2 1x
R3 330 1x
R4 560k 1x
R5 15k 1x
R6 100k 1x
R7 270 1x
C1 100nF/63V foil RM5 1x
C2 33nF/63V foil RM5 1x
C3, C4 220nF/63V foil RM7.5 2x
C5 1nF/63V foil RM5 1x
C6 10uF/50V electrolytic RM2 1x
C7 47uF/50V electrolytic RM2.5 1x
Q1, Q2 KC507 or similar (BC546) silicone transistor 2x
Q3 OC..., GC... germanium transistor 1x
J1-J6 Faston in to the PCB6x



Until now I haven't information how circuit works.