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Clipping indicator 2.0



Clipping indicator is circuit, which signalise with LED when the output of amplifier is in limitation and output transistors are fully open and audio signal is cutted close to power supply voltage. In this case the acoustic signal is distorted in a power amplifier. Sound volume must be set maximally that limitation of amplifier doesn't occure.

Circuit is from pages of author of Leachamp. It was described in an article by Chris Russell in Issue 3 of The Audio Amateur in 1975. I redraw it in a Eagle 5 and I create circuit board for two channels. I added place for two LEDs for power supply voltage indicators. I replace transistors with common types in our region.

Schematics diagram

Schematics diagram

Schematics in Eagle5 format: clip2.sch

Printed circuit board

Circuit board


2xQ1, Q3BC639
2xQ2, Q4BC640
2xLED1, LED2LED 2mm flat face, red
2xLED3, LED4LED 2mm flat face, green
2xC1, C210uF/100V
4xR1, R2, R8, R912k
4xR3, R4, R10, R1116k
4xR5, R6, R12, R131k5 2W
2xR7, R14220R
2xR15, R1622k



This circuit with older PCB version works great in my Leachamp amplifier.