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Talema 10VA power supply

Talema 10VA top side



Construction of power supply is classic with regular transformer and linear voltage regulators. I used toroidal transformer from Talema which theoretically radiate less magnetic field to neighbour than transformers with EI core. I used common voltage regulators 7812 and 7912 which many people didn't like but which have not too bad parameters.

Circuit description

Mains voltage goes to connector X1. One wire goes via fuse F1 and connector X2 on the front board to power switch and back to the transformer TR1. Second wire is connected directly to the primary winding of TR1. Primary side of transformer is connected to 230V. For using on 115V is needed to cut links and put wires on the PCB. Secondary winding is connected to the bridge rectifier B1 and ripple DC voltage is filtered in positive and negative branch by electrolytic capacitors C1 and C2. Very close to the voltage regulators IC1 and IC2 are placed decoupling capacitors C5 to C8 which prevents oscillations and filter higher frequencies. On the outputs of voltage regulators are also filter capacitors C3 and C4. Outputs goes on the connectors X3 and X4 on front and back side of board. GND is doubled for better connection. On the board is also connection of analog signal between front and rear boards.

Schematics diagram



First I assembled SMD capacitors from a bottom side and also SMD bridge rectifier. We must check right orientation of components. From a top side I assembled other components from a smaller one to bigger. Last I soldered ribbon sockets with accent on the right angle for easy connection of pins from neighbour boards. On the end I screwed small heatsinks on the voltage regulators.

Component view

Top side

View from a top

Bottom side

View from a bottom

Printed circuit board

Circuit board is designed double sided. Ground plane is attended for better shield of analog part. Between primary and secondary part is enough isolation space. Sides of board are also isolated to prevent electrical connection with Hammond chassis. I ordered manufacturing of PCB at Seeed Studio. Required Gerber and Excellon files can be generated in a free version of Eagle from a materials which are here available.

Top side

PCB from a top

Bottom side

PCM from a bottom

Complete board


Look in to the fully populated opened box. Opened box View on the top side. Top side View on the bottom side. Bottom side View on the mains cable. Mains cable


I purchased transformer from a FK Technics. Big electrolytic capacitors are high-quality types from a Nippon Chemi-Con. They can fit to the chassis very tightly. Other components can be purchased at the common parts shop.

Part List
name value and type quantity
B1 Bridge rectifier 1.5A/250V SMD DB-S 1x
C1, C2 4700uF/25V electrolytic Nippon LXZ RM7.5mm 2x
C3, C4 100uF/25V SMD tantal size D 2x
C5-C8 100nF SMD1206 ceramic 4x
F1 Radial fuse T63mA to the PCB 1x
IC1 7812 voltage regulator package TO-220 1x
IC2 7912 voltage regulator package TO-220 1x
TR1 Transformer TALEMA 2x15V 10VA 70043 1x
X1 Connector PSH04-2P 3.96mm 1x
X2 Ribbon socket 2 pins 90° 10mm 1x
X3-X6 Ribbon socket 4 pins 90° 10mm 4x



Power supply works like expected. Voltage regulators are warm after some time but small heatsinks keep temperature under safe value.