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ALPS potentiometer board



One of my friends ask me to create a small ALPS RK27 potentiometer board for his audio amplifier. When the potentiometer is not directly on amplifier PCB that usually is mounted on the front panel or hidden second panel behind him. Best solution is to mount potentiometer closest to the amplifier input for suppression of interference on the longer wires. This is usually at the back near input connectors that knob is connected with potentiometer using extension bar. Potentiometer is screwed to the vertical bracket and wires are directly soldered to the pins. This PCB allow connection with connectors and mounting board with help of four balusters and M3 screws.

Schematics diagram

Board connection Schematics in Eagle 5 format

Printed circuit board

PCB is single sided. We can mount connectors with 5.08mm grid or solder wires directly to the board. Potentiometer is mounted from the top side. Board can be mounted for example with four balusters and M3 screws.

Assembling plan

PCB PDF format Eagle5 format



Board is very simple, but can significantly simplify internal mechanical construction of box and improve his look.