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Guitar Control



My friend ask me for creating of printed circuit board for guitar control. It is not my construction but circuit is from Red Free Circuits pages. Circuit has selective input sensitivity -10dB, 0dB and +10dB. It also includes tone control. It has very small consumption that it can run on one small 9V battery.

Circuit description

Circuit IC1A is inverting preamplifier with settable amplification changed by value of resistor R4 with paralelly connected resistors R2 or R3. Next section around IC1B is 3 band equaliser. More informations are on authors pages.

Schematics diagram

Schematics diagram schematics in Eagle 6 format

Component view

Component view

Printed circuit board

Printed circuit board is single-sided without any wire-wrap. It can be created in amateur condition, but if is not used solder-mask, that soldering of wires is a little complicated around ground planes.

Printed circuit board


Top view Bottom view


All parts are easily available in a local component stores. On the board is space for faston connectors, that except parts in a table will be needed to buy right guitar jacks, switches and small case with space for battery.

Part list
name value and type quantity
P1, P2 100k/N linear potentiometer 2x
P3 470k/N linear potentiometer 1x
P4 10k/G logarhytmic potentiometer 1x
R1 150k 1x
R2 220k 1x
R3 56k 1x
R4 470k 1x
R5-R7 12k 3x
R8, R9 3k9 2x
R10, R11 1k8 2x
R12, R13 22k 2x
C1 220nF/63V foil RM5 1x
C2, C8 4u7/63V elektrolytic RM2 2x
C3 47nF/63V foil RM5 1x
C4, C6 4n7/63V foil RM5 2x
C7, C9 100uF/25V elektrolytic RM3.5 2x
IC1 TL062 DIL 1x
J1, J2 Faston to the PCB2x
X1, X2 AK300/2, or minifaston 2x
X3 AK300/3, or minifaston 1x



I have information from friend, that guitar control works in more exemplars.